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Vot Fraud ?

It's 31 July. You are a managing director. Your company has no cash on hand, but in your confident opinion that is a temporary situation. In October, €5m will definitely come in.

The company owes a lot of money, including

€300k to Revenue for VAT collected. Due today.
€100k to employees for wages. Due today.
€400k to suppliers. €200k overdue (60 days+)
€1.7m to Bank A (current account overdraft)
€40m to Bank B. (€2 m overdue)

So, what do you do ? Why, you pay €300k to the Revenue with a cheque using the last €300k of your overdraft facility from Bank A, of course. What else ? After all, it was never your money.

When your employees come to you for their pay, and hear about your choice of how to use your last €300k, they call you a thief. You took their services for the month, but used the money which could have been paid to them to pay some-one else.

The suppliers of goods to you say the same and try to seize your stocks.

Bank B says: that was our money, never yours. You had the use of it on strict condition that you would repay in accordance with a schedule. You didn't. You are a thief.

How do you answer them ?

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